Voices of Faith this summer at Trinity Cathedral

Kicks off on Thursday, July 6th!

July 6th -- Presented by Donna Arellano

Deacon Donna Arellano will share her stories and show photos of her recent trip to Israel and Palestine.  Come and enjoy the experience as we learn about the Holy Land - biblical times to current events.

July 13th -- Presented by David Link

One of the most important composers of church music in the twentieth century, Herbert Howells (1892 - 1983) was a contemporary of the more famous Vaughan-Williams and Holst. His prodigious output includes evening canticle settings for virtually every important English Cathedral and Collegiate choir, which are cornerstones of the Anglican choral repertoire. His music would certainly figure into the "top ten" of most church choral conductors, including Canon Link, who attributes wanting to be choral conductor to Howells' music!

Join us as we explore the music of this brilliant composer!

July 20th -- Presented by Susan Hotchkiss

“ ‘Called by the Spirit’ - Women of the Protestant Reformation” 

The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation is being celebrated this year. Come and hear about how the event affected women, some quite well known such as Elizabeth I of England, many more just living out their lives as mothers, wives and witnesses of this earthshaking experience.

July 27th -- Presented by Wanda Arnold

“Long Silence” This is a true story about a part of the author’s life that changed everything. This is a story about her early childhood on her grandparents’ farm and about all the stolen years that came after. A story about betrayal, sex, fear, anger, hatred, alienation, redemption, and love.

This is a story about the ways in which unthinking acts of sexual abuse and emotional cruelty can change an otherwise eager, loving, and creative child into a terrified, secretive, and silent creature. It is about the burden of secrets and lies and how it can corrupt a life and percolate through the generations. The author takes us on a journey through the years of abuse, through coming of age in the turbulent 1960s, through motherhood and beyond, into uncharted territory.

The story of the author’s pilgrimage is meant as a gift to readers who have experienced sexual abuse. It is not a how-to or a recipe for sanity and success. It is a call to action. It is also an affirmation of our lives, of the hard-won ability to move beyond pain and mere survival to lives of meaning and joy.

August 3 -- Presented by Julie Montgomery-Ott, Mona Tawatao and Sarah Torres

These three speakers will address Immigration concerns in our communities and in our country. Discussion topics will range from the dynamics of farm labor and the challenges that farmworkers face as immigrant workers, to addressing fears in the migrant community about seeking food assistance and medical care due to current government policies and messages.  There will be much more including Mona sharing personal experience about growing up with immigrant parents and how that has shaped her career.

August 10th -- Presented by Derek Murray and Bruce Roy

Poems, Prayers and Promises: The Music of Our Lives

Do you ever get an ear worm? You know, that tune that just keeps playing in your mind that you can't easily ignore. What's your favorite lyric and/or melody, or are there just too many good songs in your memory bank to choose from. Whether you most love gospel or rock, soul or opera, jazz or classical, folk or bluegrass, come share with us your feelings about the songs of your life. Do musical themes ride with you in your car or in your earbuds on a long walk?

Come join us for a fun evening of music appreciation of all kinds, including yours. Tell us your story about that special movie soundtrack or musical score that tugs at your heartstrings. Or just sit back and relax and let ex-DJ Derek Murray and music aficionado Bruce Roy spin some tales about the sacred and the profane in the world of music. If you'd like to play "show and tell," bring a favorite LP record or CD to share with the group. Our turntable awaits. Your ears and your soul will love it.

August 17th, 24th, and 31st

Presented by T.R.E.E. (Trinity Respecting Earth and Environment)

TREE will offer informative and engaging films on the dates listed above. Please come and bring your friends and family. Let’s have some lively discussion after the showings. Look for titles in the e-news and Sunday announcement page.


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