Vestry Duties

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Vestry Member Duties

The Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is a working board and Vestry members commit to active participation. Vestry members are elected by the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (Cathedral) parishioners at the Annual Meeting, and, together with the Dean of the Cathedral, are entrusted with responsibility to discern the mission of the Cathedral today and in the future, and to set goals and priorities to support that mission. The Vestry is responsible for the Cathedral having the necessary funds, and necessary and appropriate physical assets, to accomplish its mission. The Vestry is entrusted with responsibility to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place so that people on the Cathedral campus, and Cathedral property, are protected against harm. The Vestry is entrusted with responsibility to measure the degree to which the Cathedral lives in harmony with its own values, and to measure the degree to which the Cathedral’s mission is achieved.

The Vestry establishes policies to ensure ministry is carried out in accordance with the Cathedral’s values, mission, goals and priorities. The Vestry delegates authority for the day-to-day management of the Cathedral to the Dean and to Cathedral administrative and ministry leaders.

Vestry members:

• Seek God’s guidance in their work.

• Attend to their own spiritual development.

• Commit to the values and mission of the Cathedral.

• Manage resources in response to God’s call and in support of the values and mission of the Cathedral.

• Pledge sacrificially and maintain a financial commitment in support of the Cathedral’s values and mission, goals and objectives.

• Participate actively in stewardship programs, including fundraising.

• Commit to the by-laws of the Cathedral, especially Articles II-VII.

• Commit to the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, especially Section IV, Canons 33-42.

• Commit to the discernment model of decision making; the Vestry reviews this commitment annually.

• Act in partnership with the Dean in decision making.

• Teach parishioners about the financial affairs of the Cathedral.

• Recommit to their own Baptismal Covenant by respecting the dignity of every human being.

• Attend to the lives and are open to the spiritual needs of parishioners, particularly those on Vestry members’ personal parishioner prayer list.

• Review Vestry goals and accomplishments, and establish new goals annually, through a Mutual Ministry Review.

• Review the Dean’s goals and accomplishments annually.

• Review the Dean’s Letter of Agreement annually.

• Review recommendations of the Congregation Commission on Ministry (CCOM) for those in discernment who seek Ordination to the Deaconate or the Priesthood.

• Attend monthly meetings and two vestry retreats each year, paying expenses associated with Vestry retreats.

• Serve on at least one special purpose committee – examples: Stewardship Committee, Finance Committee, Garden Committee, Nominating Committee, Building Committee.


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