Vestry Nomination Form 2014

Nominees for Vestry Sought -- Are You Called To Lead?

Nominations are now open for membership on the 2017 Vestry.  Nominees should be pledging members of Trinity Cathedral Church who are committed to serving the congregation in a leadership capacity.  Here is a brief overview about the roles and responsibilities of Vestry members.


The Vestry of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is a working board and Vestry members commit to active participation. Vestry members are elected by the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral (Cathedral) parishioners at the Annual Meeting, and, together with the Dean of the Cathedral, are entrusted with responsibility to discern the mission of the Cathedral today and in the future, and to set goals and priorities to support that mission. The Vestry is responsible for the Cathedral having the necessary funds, and necessary and appropriate assets, to accomplish this mission. The Vestry is entrusted with responsibility to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place so that the people on the Cathedral campus, and Cathedral property, are protected against harm. The Vestry is entrusted with responsibility to measure the degree to which the Cathedral's mission is achieved.
The Vestry establishes policies to ensure ministry is carried out in accordance with the Cathedral's values, mission, goals, and priorities. The Vestry delegates authority for the day-to-day management of the Cathedral to the Dean and to Cathedral administrative and ministry leaders.
for additional information about Vestry Duties at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, please see:

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this process further, please contact:

Jason Lyons, Senior Warden.  email:

Please submit the following information on a separate piece of paper to Pat Underwood: by the February 12,2017 deadline.

Vestry Nomination Form:

Trinity Cathedral Church 2017 Vestry

Nominee Name:

Mailing Address:



Member of Trinity Cathedral:  yes  no

How long have you attended Trinity Cathedral?

1. Why do you want to serve on the vestry?

2. What attributes or gifts do you bring?  Include professional and community experience if it is pertinent.

3. In what activities or ministries have you participated?

4. Which service do you most often attend?

5. How would you be willing to serve on Stewardship, Strategic Planning, Finance, or Facilities?

I’ve read and understand the expectations and responsibilities above and, if elected, I agree to fulfill them.

Signed:               Date:

Nomination forms must be submitted to Pat Underwood in the Trinity Office, by Sunday February 12, 2017 .

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